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Honey strengthens the body and mind

Posted by on Nov 24, 2015

Bee product works against bacteria and fungi, increases the resistance of the organism, regenerates tissues, relieves pain and fatigue, stimulates and improves heart function, reduces inflammation, soothes tension.


IF you are taking preventive honey as a protection against colds and other diseases you should know that in addition to the type of these products differ in the content of mineral substances. Acacia has only seven or eight minerals, lime 16 to 18, about 25 meadow, forest 40 and a maximum of a chestnut – 45 and is therefore ideal for the “strengthening” of the mind. Honey is primarily food, and therefore should be taken with large spoon, and whether it is metal, wood or plastic, it does not matter.

Acacia honey

There is little pollen so they can eat it and allergic to pollen. Slow crystallized and remains in a liquid state up to three years. It is also recommended for pregnant women because it adopts best in the intestinal tract and rapidly absorbed through the blood stream and transported to vital organs that use it. In athletes to the muscles, the students’ brains, convalescents at the place where the tissue regeneration and the like.

Chestnut honey

1968530Honey of sweet or edible chestnut is dark yellow, low-odor, bitter taste. Due to the healing properties and wealth of pollen is one of the most wanted. It helps with bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory diseases, diseases of blood vessels, improves appetite. She has a bactericidal effect, contains a lot of hydrogen peroxide, and good treatment of wounds and angina.

Meadow honey

It contains the most vitamins derived from many plants, and each plant has a exact chemical composition. Somewhere in between there are more alkaloids, somewhere mineral substances, vitamins somewhere, and in particular the significant presence of essential oils and plant antibiotic which plants defend themselves against micro-organisms. I should be taken during the autumn and spring.


674023300867209-700x700It has a reddish brown almost black color and a distinct for its large mineral content. Not derived from the nectar but from honeydew, or honeydew from leaves and twigs of different species of deciduous and evergreen trees. Oak blight is a thick, sticky, dark-red color. I do not crystallize quickly, there is no pronounced odor, but it is a strong, specific taste reminiscent of caramel. Fir honeydew is dark green and black, no pronounced aroma and pleasant taste.

Linden honey

It contains silicon, aluminum, manganese, iron, magnesium, potassium, copper, chromium, nickel, sodium, zinc, cobalt, antimony, lead and phosphorus. Sick facilitates breathing is good for inflammation of the respiratory and digestive organs and certain kidney diseases. It accelerates metabolism, soothes spasms, is applied against kidney disease and colds, and helps expectoration. It must not be given to heart patients and those with diseased blood vessels.

Healing properties of honey

HoneyIt works against bacteria and fungi, increases the resistance of the organism, regenerates tissues, relieves pain, stimulates and improves the functioning of the heart, removes fatigue, relieves inflammation, soothes tension. Relieves symptoms caused by chronic and acute diseases of the respiratory system, strengthens the body of children, elderly, infirm and sick people. Accelerates recovery after some disease of the liver, kidney, prostate, and nervous system and strengthens mental and physical abilities.

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